Thanks for visiting our maintenance page. Mod maintenance is a key component to ensure your device is working properly, and preforming at its peek potential. Element Mods  recommends cleaning your device at least once a week.


Whats needed: Rubbing alcohol, cloth or paper towel, flat blade screw driver, Brass cleaner,or a contact cleaning pen, and a small bowl (optional) .

Step one:  Dissemble your device including contacts, spring ect. (placing all small parts in a bowl helps to ensure you don’t loose them)

Step two: Use the rubbing alcohol on a cloth, and clean all the threads and each part inside and out. Make sure to get rid of any carbon build up!

Step Three: Check the contacts. If they are not tarnished wipe them down with alcohol, if they are tarnished clean them with brass cleaner or a contact cleaning pen, then wipe them down with alcohol. The less the contacts are handled the better.

Step four: Assemble the device and Enjoy!

Below is a Mod Maintenance video complements of Vape Revolution for reference.



VapeRev EDU // Mechanical Mod Maintenance from VapeRevolution on Vimeo.